See the Science

With Trienelle, even if you weren’t born with “good skin,” you’ll look like you were. In just weeks, you’ll notice a dramatic difference in how your skin looks and feels.  And other women will notice too. At cocktail parties…in school meetings…in line at the grocery store, women will lean in close and whisper, “What’s your secret?”

Let our secret to ageless beauty become your secret too.

Trienelle transforms the appearance of your skin in four critical ways:

Secret No. 1:  Our rare, high-potency antioxidant formula helps your skin look noticeably younger and healthier. 

Antioxidants such as vitamin E became popular because they protect your skin against the appearance of free radical damage, such as wrinkles and age spots.

Trienelle uses a rare, high-potency form of vitamin E called tocotrienol. In fact, studies show that tocotrienol is up to 60 times more powerful than the alpha-tocopherol used in most high-end cosmetics. And Trienelle was one of the pioneers in the industry to use  this form of vitamin E.

Plus, Trienelle takes antioxidant protection one step further…

Scientists know that antioxidants work even better when combined with other complementary nutrients. So, in the Trienelle formulas, we infuse tocotrienol with melatonin, fennel extract, carotenoids, phytosterols, squalene, and natural enzymes.

But we don’t stop there…

Many skincare lines boast about one or two “miracle” ingredients. But you never see miracles because the ingredients just sit on top of your skin, and never make it to your skin’s base layers.

But Trienelle has a patented delivery system called the Tocalluré Restoration ComplexTM.

This cutting-edge delivery system sends antioxidants deep into your skin’s base layers. Once there, the antioxidant formula releases slowly. This ensures a steady level of support. And it keeps your skin looking soft and nourished all day long.

In fact, a delivery system like Tocalluré can render the ingredients up to 10 times more powerful than normal lotions and creams. And it’s why you will experience such dramatic, visible results beginning in just weeks of using Trienelle.

Secret No. 2:  Naturally derived alpha hydroxy acids, or AHAs, renew and revive the texture and complexion of your skin.

Alpha hydroxy acids, or AHAs, were once the all the buzz in cosmetics and skincare. AHAs smooth the appearance of lines and wrinkles by removing the top layer of dry, lifeless skin cells. Left untouched, these cells can dull the appearance of your complexion, and make fine lines and wrinkles look deeper. Dozens, if not hundreds, of products on the market now use AHAs.

But Trienelle is different in 3 key ways.

First, Trienelle uses the perfect amount of AHAs in our products. So starting in just weeks, the skin around your eyes and brow will look smoother. And even deep set wrinkles will look visibly reduced.

But we don’t overload you with AHAs. So your skin shouldn’t look red, irritated, or flaky.

Next, the AHAs in Trienelle come from natural sources — lemon, orange, maple sugar, sugar, and bilberry extracts. Other AHA products on the market use synthetic sources. Or highly acidic sources that burn and irritate your skin.

Once again, Trienelle is different. Trienelle will gently revive and renew the appearance of your skin with natural ingredients. And you’ll never experience burning or irritation, even if you have very sensitive skin that reacted poorly to other AHA products on the market.

Finally, recent studies found that using AHAs without appropriate sun protection can increase the skin’s sensitivity to UV rays and sunburn.

But here again, we set the standard. Trienelle Daily Renewal Creme, our daytime creme, helps protect your skin from both UVA and UVB rays with an SPF of 15. So you don’t ever have to think about adding extra sun protection to your skin care regimen. Trienelle already has you covered — literally.

Secret No. 3:  Our patented pentapeptide formula visibly improves the firmness and elasticity of the skin at your jawline, brow, and eyelids.

Many of the changes you see on your face reflect what’s happening underneath the skin to something called the collagen matrix. This matrix is like a flexible frame that holds moisture. It also gives the skin its shape and plumpness.

Of course, the collagen matrix breaks down slightly with age. But your age isn’t the true problem. The sun is.

The sun greatly accelerates the breakdown of the collagen matrix. Even if you never were a “bathing beauty,” your skin still shows the signs of daily sun exposure. And it’s the main reason that the collagen matrix begins to deteriorate. As the matrix collapses, the surface of the skin begins to look less taut. The skin becomes slack and begins to fold in on itself, creating lines and wrinkles.

Some researchers have even suggested that if you never exposed your skin to the sun, you would have virtually the same firm, beautiful skin in your 80s as you did in your 20s.

Plus, studies show that UV exposure actually increases the skin’s production of an enzyme called collagenase. This enzyme literally eats up the collagen matrix, greatly speeding its collapse and accelerating the skin’s aging process. To make matters worse, UV exposure also slows down the skin’s production of new collagen.

But Trienelle features Matrixyl®, the French secret to firm skin…

Matrixyl contains a special molecule recently discovered by French researchers. This pentapeptide is composed of the amino acids Lysine, Threonine, and Serine. It’s a microfragment of natural collagen that your body produces naturally, and it works to visibly improve the appearance of your skin’s firmness and elasticity.

This extraordinary new discovery gives Trienelle a marked advantage over previous “age defying” products. Crow’s feet, laugh lines and even stubborn forehead wrinkles will appear visibly reduced. And your skin will appear firmer and tighter, especially at your jawline, eyes, and brow.

We know that even the gift of “good skin” only lasts for so long. It’s a simple fact of living on the planet Earth. And even if you were born with “good skin”, it still needs daily nourishment. With Trienelle featuring Matrixyl®, you’ll protect your collagen matrix to help keep your skin looking  firm, plump and radiant.

Secret No. 4:  Pure, natural elements such as Chardonnay and Reishi Mushrooms keep your skin looking hydrated, luminous, and radiant.

For centuries, women around the world have stayed beautiful at every age by indulging their skin with elements from nature. And we, the makers of Trienelle, embrace these pure, time-honored secrets to beautiful skin.

Chardonnay Grapeseed and Japanese Reishi Mushroom extracts will help add luster and brilliance to your skin. You’ll also protect your skin against the elements with natural Colostrum from New Zealand. Trienelle Daily Renewal Crème also features lush, natural botanicals such as Seaweed, Fennel, White Willow and Green Apples.

Trienelle skincare formulas give you these precious natural elements in dosages supported by Dr. Wilkinson’s research. In many cases, Trienelle’s rich formulas may boast up to 100 times more nutrients than other skin creams that claim to be “vitamin” enhanced. So your skin gets more of the healthy nourishment it needs and deserves.

When you try Trienelle, you will feel this luxurious difference on your skin.