The Trienelle Story

The origins of the simple, ageless beauty of Trienelle

Serious skin care is born from serious research. Developed by a physician with 20 years of clinical practice, Dr. Randall M. Wilkinson, M.D., Trienelle skincare products infuse ancient beauty secrets from around the world with cutting-edge skin care technology.

The key to Trienelle’s success stems from our rare, high-potency form of vitamin E called tocotrienol (TOKO-try-en-all). In the 1990s, major scientific studies began to emerge confirming the heart-healthy benefits of this powerful antioxidant.

In 1999, Dr. Wilkinson pioneered the concept of applying tocotrienol to the skin. He found that botanical and food-sourced antioxidants – especially tocotrienols – improve the appearance of mature skin when applied topically. As scientific studies on tocotrienols continued, Dr. Wilkinson began the groundbreaking development of a new line of skincare products capturing their benefits.

The future of beauty – now

Introduced to the market in 2000, Trienelle was the first anti-aging skincare line to incorporate this high-potency form vitamin E. And Trienelle products continue to garner acclaim from women worldwide for introducing nutritional agents into a practical skin care regimen.

And even better — Trienelle goes against the traditional industry practice of complicated, multi-step skincare lines. Trienelle simplifies your beauty routine. AND you’ll get better results.  

About Dr. Wilkinson

Randall M. Wilkinson, M.D. developed Trienelle based on his pioneering study of tocotrienols. A specialist in environmental medicine, Dr. Wilkinson retired from full-time practice to investigate tocotrienols and their potential to promote health and fight aging and cellular damage. His Trienelle skincare line was the first antiaging skincare line to bring tocotrienols to the public.

“The Role of UV Radiation in Premature Skin Aging
and a Review of Effective Defense Strategies”
Research by Randall M. Wilkinson, M.D.,
co-developer of Trienelle formulas

If you doubt the primary role played by UV radiation in skin aging, you only need to compare the radical difference in appearance of the skin on your face and hands to skin never exposed to the sun. Despite popularly held ideas, the majority of the observable changes in aging skin are driven not by advancing time (intrinsic aging), but by photo-aging that is, the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation (UVR)…

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